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Buster- Snap#6

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Infinity Gem representing Soul. Hand painted by Coffin Nachtmahr.

Buster is Sawyers' younger sister! These beautiful, organic yoyos are hand painted by Emmy Award Winning Coffin Nachtmahr! Designed in Tallahassee Florida and machined in Tennessee at Foxland Precision, Buster is a full size yoyo at 56mm in diameter with a weight of approximately 65 grams. Each model varies in weight by just the smallest margin due to the hand paint. This minimal difference in weight may be felt while playing. However when tested, no significant difference, if any difference at all could be noticed. Buster has a mid-school generation feel to it, with inspirations from the Bassline, The Markmont Classic, and the Freehand. Buster has an even weight distribution for an all around graceful feel on the string. Fits well into your pocket, case or yoyo holder for you to take with you anywhere! Buster comes equipped with a center trac bearing and is ready for all the tricks! Let Buster be your daily throw today! It is most definitely a throw you won't want to put down!

*Cockatiel not for sale.