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This is Sawyer. Named after my cockatiel and colored to match his likeness, Sawyer is made entirely in the USA: The body machined at Foxland Precision in Tennessee, the bearings from Boca Bearings in Boca Raton Florida , Fastener Express axles made in California, and General Yo pads from California. Even the acrylic center caps are cut out in house and made by hand by myself. I'm proud to keep everything local and help support the jobs and businesses many people strive to operate every day.

Sawyer isn't like most yoyos out there. Sawyer has a slim shape that gives it personality and lets you enjoy playing with it, rather than being a machine that just makes your tricks easier to do. The smaller gap makes tricks challenging and fun, and allows for great snap binds. The smaller diameter make it faster, more nimble, and easier to maneuver, as well as easier to maneuver around while it’s in your pocket on your daily grind. All of this coupled with its unique one of a kind anodizing -paying homage to the great Sawyer himself- and accessible price sets itself apart from anything else in the market today.

Sawyer is a fun All American budget yoyo and I'm happy to share this with the community I am so honored to be apart of. Only available in a very limited quantity of 50! Let Sawyer be your daily pocket throw! It sure is a delight to play!

53.9 mm in Diameter
39.2 mm in Width
Approximately 60 grams

*All yoyos are subject to very minimal anodizing blemishes due to the intricate nature of this special run of anodizing. Yoyo may be responsive upon first throw due to bearings and response. Just break it in for unresponsive play! Cockatiel not included.

*Due to the holidays, there may be delays in shipping.

-photo credit goes to my good friend Annie Donovan, Master of Fine Arts and Photography.